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According to the feedbacks of online UK sugar daddy site, no matter rich sugar daddies and millionaires in UK love these 13 romantic dating places. If single sugar daddies in UK are worrying about for where to go for dating, these top 13 dating places will be your best places, sometimes escape the city and go to some places where have beautiful views, we can really relax ourselves and start new love.

1,Birmingham: the place where the butterflies fly

Birmingham is the city and transport hub of central England, the vibrant and prosperous city, the great place to transfer shopping. There are some nice museums and galleries, once it was a key town in the jewelry industry of British,UK Sugar daddies can also visit the huge cadbury chocolate factory in the suburbs, just like Charlie and the chocolate factory.

2,Brighton: the beach where the rainbow flag flies

It's the most famous beach in Britain, famous for its sunny beaches and seafood. There is a seaside playground to enjoy and visit the old palace of the royal dome. In addition, here folkway are open, and the street can see pairs of gay couples. New activities, like naked ride, the gay parade, often appear in Brighton first.

3,Liverpool: in the beatles' singing

In addition to the Liverpool team, this is the home of the beatles. Four people grew up in this small harbor town, singing at the cavern club, then reach out to the world successful. Their childhood home, past bars (now with excellent live performances), and the super detailed museum of beatles can visit with sugar daddy in UK. Liverpool is a city with a lot of accent, a sense of ruffian and vitality.

4,Stratford-upon-avon: Shakespeare's hometown

This super small town is the birthplace of Shakespeare, he grew up here and spent the rest of his life here. The whole town still has a classic look, Shakespeare's former residence he lived in his old age, the residence of his daughter, the former residence of the Shakespearean wife and sons and the holy trinity church where he sleeps longly, are covered by the trees. Sugar daddies in UK can still see the Shakespeare play in the open air, the whole time is back to that time.

The places in Scotland where very suitable for UK sugar daddy dating

5,Edinburgh: every building has it's history

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, with a population of about 500,000, the city is steady and quiet and warm. The famous Prince Road divided Edinburgh into old and new, north is divided into new towns and the south is the old city. UK Sugar daddy and sugar baby dating in Edinburgh will find every stone road, every brick and tile has a strong historical atmosphere.

6,St Andrews: where William and Kate meet

One of the most famous towns in Scotland's history was the religious capital of the kingdom of Scotland in the middle ages. The university of st Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland, the Alma mater of prince William, and the place where William met Kate and fell in love with him. Of course, here is suitable for UK sugar daddy and sugar baby

7,The stone circle of the Orkney islands: you don't understand the old world

There are many strange places in Britain, such as the water monster of loch ness lake never find and innumerable crop circles. And this stone circle is a stone circle of the paleolithic age 6000 years ago, it is believed to be for religious purposes. There are at least 13 prehistoric tombs around.

8,Ben nevis: every year someone is buried and someone is saved

The mountain is 1,344 meters high and is the highest mountain in the British Isles. It is popular with mountaineers, but many climbers lack experience and are trapped in the mountains, thousands of people need to be rescued every year.

9,Lennoh heights: are UK sugar daddies interested in strange creatures? Come here!

It is a vast swamp filled with wild animals, deer, roe, pheasant, grouse, and highly endangered Turkey. If UK sugar daddy and sugar baby come here, you will feel like you go to the Wildlife Zoo.

The places in Northern Ireland for UK sugar daddy dating.

10,UK Sugar Daddy Love Giants Causeway

On the "giant road" coast, more than 40,000 of these basaltic columns are arranged in an irregular sequence, stretching a few kilometers, over 12 meters above sea level, are very monumental and quite spectacular, in 1986 UNESCO listed it as a world natural heritage. If you are a sugar daddy who love the game of thrones, it's like being in a TV show. The wind is so strong here that you will feel the thrill of the salty sea breeze.

11,Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Hailed as the world's third precipitous cable bridge, connects the Irish main island and the small island of Carrick-A-Rede. The name of the island is Irish, which means "broken rock." This small island and giant causeway formed at the same time. And when you cross the bridge, you're also crossing the 60 million crater. Sugar daddy in UK visit here, you will experience the excitement.

12,UK Sugar Daddy and rich culture of Londonderry

The city of Delhi or London is nicknamed "virgin city", because it was one of the few cities in Europe that had not been breached during the war. The walls of history like this have not been seen anywhere else. Walking along the wall, UK sugar daddy and sugar baby can feel the city's long history and rich culture.

13,The Dark Hedges

If sugar daddies happen to walk through Northern Ireland called The Dark Hedges, please slow down and enjoy! It's called the fairyland!

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