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Posted by: sugar daddy websites Time: Mar 03, 2017
sugar baby ask for allowance from sugar daddy

On sugar daddy websites, most of sugar babies have no idea how to ask for allowance from sugar daddies. As a sugar baby you should how to do and how much allowance you should ask for. During sugar daddy dating relationship, you will meet plenty of wealthy sugar daddies, but not all of sugar daddies are generous and willing to give much allowance to sugar baby. At this time, you need to learn some negotiation skills and show your values. Sometime you may encounter fake sugar daddy who pretend to be a rich and successful man, Asking for allowance can help you as well scare them away.

1 : Distinguish generous sugar daddies and stingy sugar daddies. Asking for allowance can help you distinguish the difference between real wealthy sugar daddy and stingy or fake sugar daddy who install rich and talk about emotion with you, are not willing to pay reasonable allowance for sugar relationship. Through sugar daddy personal profiles, photos and chat language, you can know whether he is wealthy or not.

2 : Asking for allowance according to your country people’s living standard. If you live in the developed countries like Australia, Canada, America, United Kingdom, you can ask more allowance. On the other hand, if you are live developing countries or others not wealthy countries, you should ask for reasonable allowance or less for your dating relationship. Of course, you have multiple choices about your sugar daddies, for example, a Canada sugar baby choose a Australia sugar daddy. Also you can log in different dating sites, maybe top 10 sugar daddy websites which are from developed countries are suitable for you.

3 : How much allowance according your living conditions and personal debt. If sugar babies are college students, when you ask for allowances, you need to consider your living expenses and tuition fees. If you are a workplace newbie who just starting a new career, you ask for allowance according to your dating type is as a spoiled girl, arm candy or just finding a mentor who can support you on your working project. In generation, allowance is one and half to double of living costs and personal debt. Sometimes sugar dating is not a long-term relationship, saving more allowance can ensure sugar baby have move comfort life who you are single.

4 : Consider sugar daddy’s ability. When you discuss allowance with sugar daddy, first you should consider practical situation. A wealthy sugar daddy don’t mean he can give you large allowance, in some cases, sugar daddy need more working fund for his family and work. If you only focus more allowances, you may change a sugar daddy. To a real sugar daddy, asking for reasonable allowance is easy to implement, after all paying for companionship is a well-known action. About your sugar daddy do some research how much he earns with facebook or google search engine check his name. The more you know about sugar dating, the better position you have.

5 : Depend on your arrangement. Sometimes, for participating in senior dancing party or wine party, you need sugar daddy pay more allowance for your clothing and facial makeup. If your relationships are travel companionship, in terms of travel costs, asking some allowance sugar daddy should understand your requirement. How much allowance depend on the details of relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby and what he want and what sugar daddy expectation is? You can read "Which sugar daddy dating type is suitable for you".

6 : Showing your values. To a sugar baby who have not enough life experience, by developing and showing your ability and interests to increase your allowance is the only feasible way. Many of sugar babies know that sugar dating is not long time for them, so continuous learning is one of the best life decisions. Different emotional experience is one course as well. You should think you have values and deserve this values, then increase your values.

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