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Posted by: sugar daddy websites Time: Mar 24, 2017
sugar baby and sugar daddy uk giude book

United Kindom is developed country which have a lot of millionaires, of coures, never short of sugar babies. As sugar baby, you should know that how many which wealthiest neighborhoods UK sugar daddies live in and how many millionaires sugar daddies have in your country.

How many millionaires or wealthy sugar daddies in UK?

In global wealthy report in 2016, the account of UK millionaires ranked third all over the world has 2.22 million millionaires. This means that there are more sugar daddies or rich people in UK than other countries.

UK sugar daddies in London love these wealthiest neighborhoods.

Though you will meet wealthy men in other cities like Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast, but nine in ten welthiest neighborhoods locate in London. To this situation, you don’t have to be surprised. Here are five wealthiest neighborhoods of London.

1: Kensington W8. In this neighorhood average house price is over 1.8 million pounds, the highest house price is more than 31 million pounds. Many of wealthy men including rich sugar daddies own their private cinemas and underground private swimming pools. These rich success business men are often fond of collecting all types of luxurious cars like vintage Ferraris. Only the richest people of rich reside in here.

2: Chelsea SW3. Average house price of Chelese SW3 has over 1.5 million pounds, the highest house price is close to 26 million pounds. Many famous people are keen to join this neighborhood like artists, stars Kylie Minogue, richest men John Fredriksen. To successful sugar daddies, living in this neighborhood is a sign of status.

3: Knightsbrige SW7. If sugar baby want to find UK sugar daddies, you never miss Knightsbridge neighborhood which is ideal place to dwell where has perfect public transport system. Many of inhabitants build their swimming pool, the most richest private house Hyde park has a golf simulator and a valet service. In this area, the most expensive house price is over 36 million pounds. UK sugar babies are never worry about that you can not find rich men.

4: Notting Hill W1. When mentioned Notting Hill, you surely think of famous move which has the same name. Notting Hill is absolutely popular neighborhood, from the choice of many famous people like Sir Paul McCartney, media baron Rupert Murdoch, you can confirm this view. The highest house price of Notting Hill has over 14 million pounds which must have only wealthy sugar daddies can afford.

5: West Brompton SW 10. West Brompton rank 5 on the wealthiest neighborhoods of London. Here the most expensive house price is over 6 million pounds. A research estimatied per year income of a resident here is £76,244.

How many richest towns have in UK?

Ten wealthies towns meet UK sugar daddies and millionaires

As is shown in the picture, there are ten wealthiest towns in UK including Windor, Weybridge, Sevennoaks, Beaconsfield, Henley on Thames, Marlow, Hale, Alderley Edge, Bray, Ascot. The wealthiest town Windsor ranked the top one, its total population is only 27,000, but it has more than 850 millionaires. The town of Ascot rank tenth in the list has population of 11,600 and 250 - 300 millionaires. So as a UK sugar baby who are keen to find a sugar daddy, you should never foget these 10 places.

How many universities and sugar babies have in UK?

In total, Britain has more than 120 universities. Many of students from famous universities, such as Cambridge University, St. Andrews University, University of Portsmouth, University of Kent, University of South Wales, etc, state that they are sugar babies registered with sugar daddy websites to find sugar daddies. The highest rate of sugar babies who are reading UK universities is even over 40%. To match up the higher school fees and daily living costs, sugar dating may be a good choice for young girls who have not much economic abilities.

Tips for UK sugar babies

When you search online sugar daddy websites, please pay attention to protect your personal information. Finding a UK sugar daddies is not difficult, but learn to love yourself sometimes is more important. Maybe you first need reed these safety tips for sugar babies.

Tips for UK sugar daddies.

When you join sugar daddy websites, keeping your honesty is first step to seek a sugar baby, for many of sugar daddy sites are not allowed fake information. Sugar daddy relationship only based on equality and mutual benefits can achieve success.

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