What differences are the choices of sugar daddy and sugar baby in dating

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Posted by: sugar daddy websites Time: Sep 12, 2017

There is a big difference between sugar daddy and sugar baby in their choices. Sugar daddy choose cigarettes, sugar baby choose lipstick, sugar daddy choose cars, and sugar baby choose houses. So in the world of sugar daddy dating, what are the different options for men and women? Let's have a look:

1. Sugar daddy choose sex, sugar baby choose love

The choices of sugar daddy have a lot of things in a mess started or ended with the word "sex", so the slogan of men favor the old and the new. But sugar babies are more exclusive, but specificity has its disadvantages, it is when love is lost, the feelings is gone. This blow is a nuclear explosion for women, and it is powerful.

2. Sugar daddy choose quantity, and sugar baby choose quality

Men are always showing off after drinking is that "How many women do I have?". A woman often pour out how do they feel about their partner in front of a close friend. So men are more contemptible than women at this point, but not all of men is contemptible. Men are not all true words when they just drink and vomit, there's quite a lot of false information. Sugar baby can totally believe in the quantity men said, or totally not believe in.

3, Sugar daddy choose face, sugar baby choose benefit

Because of face, many of men dare not bargain, prefer to sacrifice his stomach than to put down his cup. Even if sugar daddy borrow money, he will invite all the guests, sugar baby don't play with the surface. For men who are too proud often can only win a woman to like for a while, can win for a lifetime. Because after marriage women must be careful calculate. So they are deeply disgusted with the very generous man.

4, Sugar daddy choose to cling, women choose to love

Persistent is for career, infatuation is aimed at love, so the man who sings "more love beautiful women than career" is hypocritical. For men, career always comes first, and beauty is just the ancillary products behind career. A woman's infatuation deserves praise and sympathy. Put all hope in love and bailment in the one male, such a woman is pathetic. Therefore, women's infatuation should be based on self-reliance and self-improvement.

5, Sugar daddy choose the world, sugar baby choose sugar daddy

The ultimate choice for sugar daddy is the world, because they chose the world, men made planes, ships, trains, spaceships, all of which proved that men's choices are ambitious and unbreakable. The man chose the world and chose passion, tolerance, patience and adventure... The ultimate choice for women is men. In order to choose men, sugar baby chose tenderness, beauty, test and insurance... and ultimately, it's the world. There is no fundamental difference between men and women at this point.

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