Canada sugar daddy and millionaire choose these 10 romantic places, for it will make your sugar daddy dating unique

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In addition to waiting in line at the cinema to watch a movie, waiting for the five-star restaurant to have a short dinner, What other new ideas do Canada sugar daddy have? If not, bring your favorite sugar baby to Canada's 10 romantic dating spots, we promise it make a special sugar daddy dating!

1.Victoria Waterfront,Vancouver Island, Butchart Garden | Victoria, BC

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When the people of northern Canada also enjoy winter ice and snow world silver dream, The Victoria which located at the southern end of Vancouver Island have bathed the warm breath of Pacific to celebrate the New Spring. If you're like me, thinking that about sugar daddy dating sending roses to a loved Canada sugar baby is not cool enough, you may bring her to a romantic rendezvous with Victoria, which is known as "garden city". Flowers in the garden of Victoria city bloom all year round. Walking hand in hand in the Butchart Garden path, the fragrance of the bluebells make the atmosphere sweeter.

2,Banff National Park, Alberta

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If Canada sugar daddy think dating is not unique in a western restaurant or street, take sugar baby to the beautiful and exciting Rocky Mountains, it's a famous marriage proposal place for couples. A Canadian man, Rossel Sabourin, planned the most romantic and special marriage proposal ever, he set the table at the top of Rocky Mountains which is nearly 3,000 meters, overlooking the clear green lake, holding the intoxicating champagne, the perfect scene moved his girlfriend Shannon.

Banff national park is a good choice if Canada millionaire or sugar daddy want to choose the Rocky Mountains to express your feelings, date, and proposal. It is the gateway to the national parks of the Rocky Mountains, where the majestic peaks rise above the clouds, the thick primeval forest as its coat, and the crystalline glacial lakes.

3,Whitehorse, Yukon

The Yukon Territory of northwestern Canada has a vast wilderness of wilderness where spend sugar daddy dating or millionaire dating will be the purest and primal experience of all time. The mountain peaks, the crystal-clear glaciers and the mysterious and charming northern lights, all of which are speaking of the original beauty of nature. The water in the fast-flowing yukon river is high like a white horse, and the swift, dashing mane that known as the "white horse rapids". The name of the city of Whitehorse, the capital of the yukon, came to this.

Yukon was a place where native canadians lived for generations and experienced a glorious gold rush. If Canada sugar daddies want to revisit the old dream of gold rush, The famous Klondike steamer in Whitehorse would be the best option. Standing on the deck and listening to the sound of the water, the temperature of the past can be particularly shocking.

Another spot you can't miss is the Takhini Hot Springs, a natural Hot spring in the yukon district, which has a variety of temperature pools, and Canada sugar daddy couples can choose according to your own hobbies. When people come out of the hot spring, the water drops in hair will suddenly freeze into a beautiful little ice ball.

4,Yellowknife, NWT

Since went to work, the time of dating has been greatly reduced, and sometimes it's hard to avoid feel that the other person isn't love you so much as you love other. But there's a good way for sugar daddy dating partners or millionaire couples to be sure of each other's hearts. YellowKnife, the northwestern regional capital, has rocks of more than 3.9 billion years where is the diamond capital of Canada. It is said that the diamonds formed there are particularly clear because of the water source in the arctic. Buy a naked diamond or diamond jewelry for each other, and the hearts of the two will be as clear and firm as the diamonds in the northwest.

The northwest region can see the northern lights for more than 200 days throughout the year, the distant northern kingdom is blessed with mysterious and dreamy colors by brilliant and profound auroras. The winter night makes the endless sky appear more pure, the stars are interspersed in the dark curtains. Under the quiet night sky, it seems to hear the ethereal music. The beautiful and magnificent aurora reflected in the white snow. When the girl you like is surprised by the beauty of nature, the more joy will be the moment you put on the diamond for her.

5,Niagara on The Lake Ontario

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It would be nice to go to Niagara lakeside town for sugar daddy dating and millionaire dating if rich men want to go with the good wine and beautiful women, where is known as "the most beautiful town in Canada", and the most famous scenic spots are the famous winery. The 28 famous wine estates are scattered around the town, with a wide range of wines from award-winning wines to iced wines. Like these unique wines, each brewery has its own unique story, from the good glass to the warm stone and wood, they perfectly interpret their own individuality.

Take a leisurely stroll in the small town during the day, you can order a bottle of mellow wine at the winery in the evening, and look at each other's eyes when you are tipsy, all of Canada sugar daddies and millionaires will find more beautiful each other. In addition to wine and ice wine, a must-have meal is ice cream marshmallow, doesn't it sound like a hot lover who makes you drunk and sweet? The fragrant aroma of ice wine is completely volatilised by baking, as if the lover give you a sweet kiss, happy flowers bloom in the heart.

6,Quebec City

This place has distinctive French architecture and ancient walls, and the ubiquitous new French romance is enough to dazzle the Canada like a diamond. If rich men and millionaires like romantic and leisurely European style, or if sugar daddies want to go to Quebec and try your luck to see if you can meet the most fantastic encounters. Quebec is perfect place for Canada sugar daddy dating.

Walk leisurely in the romantic and noble Quebec, the fairy-tale Fairmont resort hotel seems to make people forget the worldly hubbub. Sugar daddy can enjoy the wide st. Lawrence river from the hotel room, the historic French restaurant allows Canada sugar daddy and your sugar baby to enjoy the authentic French meal here. The Quartier Petit Champlain street is the oldest commercial street in North America. The streets are lined with 17th-century French country buildings, and the whole street is full of new French customs. On this old street, you will slowly understand the passage of time.

7,Winnipeg, Manitoba

The fluffy and honest polar bears can best evoke a sugar baby or young woman's softer side, for it's just like a big family pet. If Canada sugar baby like polar bears, it's best thing to come to Manitoba. Assinebo park zoo, a few minutes' drive away from Manitoba Winnipeg City, there sugar babies may meet the most dreamy and romantic encounter with a polar bear in your love life. In the "glass enclosure tunnel", the huge body of polar bear can be seen swimming on the head, even their hair is clear.

Another romantic reason to choose Winnipeg is to see the stunning northern lights on the outskirts of Winnipeg. In Manitoba, the best winter viewing time for sugar daddy dating is between January and March. During this time, Winnipeg, at the intersection of the Assiniboine River and the Red River, will always attract many sugar daddies and millionaires to the Lake Winnipeg to watch the aurora, look at polar bears during the day and stroll the downtown Winnipeg, When night falls, and sugar babies and couples go to Lake Winnipeg to enjoy the colorful northern lights, this will be filled with child fun and dreamy sugar daddy dating experience!

8,Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

In the east of North America lies the quiet, beautiful Newfoundland and labrador province. As the largest coastal archipelago in the province, Fogo Island has charming islands and rugged mountains. The village of Joe Batt's Arm stands against the mountains, Tilting as the most attractive village on the island, gather friends from afar. Inland port is being defended by scenic fishing stations and tanned fish, supported by the old pillar to avoid the flood. Bringing sugar baby and attractive women here to spend sugar daddy dating will leave you completely out of the world, empty your brain, watch the sunrise and sunset, and enjoy the world of two people.

The most notable is the new luxury hotel Fogo Island Inn, which opened in 2013, this eco-friendly hotel is located on the edge of the world and is full of modern styles. It is a unique architectural marvel. Invite your sugar baby and idear match to have a nice dinner here, the food is made from the chef's search for all edible ingredients on the island, fish is sweet and vegetables are fresh. Outside the window Canada sugar daddies can see the extraordinary beauty.

9,Halifax, Nova Scotia

Everyone knows the tragic and legendary love story of Titanic. Halifax, nova scotia, is difficult to give up the connection with the Titanic, which sleeps on the bottom of the Atlantic. In 1912, the world's largest and most luxurious cruise ship hit an iceberg in the north Atlantic, Halifax was the first one to receive a distress call as the site of the recent shipwreck, and immediately sent ships to rescue, finally, the bodies of 150 victims were placed in three graves. Mourners have come to the museum to touch the cold but story-filled wrecks.

Of course, Halifax is not only sad, but also happy. Here it's not only to drink a variety of Canadian craft beer, but also to enjoy beautiful tunes. When it comes to beer, halifax has a legendary name, called Alexander Keith's, the oldest beer in Canada, it is said that it stems from the secret recipe, stealed from European by Nova Scotia in the last century, drink down and feel the smell of traversing.


Confined by busy urban life and high-pressure jobs, the people who like to meet are always in cinemas, restaurants and coffee shops. Seeking arrangement is even more so, with long queues of couples clenching the movie tickets to move forward with the crowd, In front of the five-star restaurant a lot of lovers are rushing to have a short dinner. If Canada sugar daddy and sugar baby want to get rid of modern steel buildings and dense crowds, and go to destinations only your two, instead, think of it as a trip to nunavut. Here dating couples will find bright glaciers and lovely arctic animals, of course, there are only two people who don't bother.

The nunavut region is in the heart of Canada's arctic, with glaciers, glaciers and tundra. Lovers can travel through the frozen ocean to the sea ice, enjoying the white whale, narwhals and polar bears set against the northern lights along the way. If sugar babies want to experience the magnificent colors of the original wilderness, the Nueltin fly-in cabin on the border of nunavut will surely satisfy your heart's desire. The arctic grayling jump and roll in turbulent currents, across blue ice like the Caribbean sea, and try to catch a tasty reddish salmon. Imagine, at the end of the world, the feeling that only each other is so awesome!

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